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Padthaway Homestead

  • Padthaway was settled by Robert and Eliza Lawson in 1847.
  • They took up pastoral leases initially of 47 square miles (53,760 acres) and named the property ‘Padthaway’.
  • Income was primarily generated from wool and Arab horse breeding.
  • There are underground water aquifers which are tapped into by way of bore holes for irrigation. Irrigation licences are now required.
  • Robert and Eliza Lawson built a small eight room stone cottage in which they raised six children for thirty years:
    Allan, Janet Anne, Mary Annie, Martha, Eliza Bell, Robert
  • Robert Lawson died in 1876, at which time his land holding had increased to 81,760 acres (131 square miles).
  • Eliza Lawson supervised the building of the 22 room homestead. In addition the Doctors house and the 13 stand shearing shed, capable of shearing 1,100 sheep a day, were built.
  • By 1901 the Shearer’s Quarters were complete.
  • All the buildings are built from local stone.
  • The property remained in the Lawson family until 1980, when it was purchased by Dale Baker and Ian Gray.
  • The majestic Homestead was completed refurbished and now operates as a country get away Bed & Breakfast.
  • The original picturesque ‘Lawson’ white-washed stone cottage is now the Padthaway Chef’s residence.
  • The shearing shed was converted into a winery with some extension required underground. The aim was to maintain the original features of the shearing shed for historic purposes.
  • Finally the five bedroom Shearer’s Quarters were renovated with the aim to provide comfortable and unique accommodation for the staff and friends of Padthaway Estate.


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