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The Padthaway Estate winery combines the majesty of a classic Australian woolshed with a  functional winery specifically for the production of high end still and sparkling wines. Many traditional methods are used both in the vineyard and winery with an attitude of minimal intervention adopted, not for expedience but for quality. Attention to detail from the vineyard to the bottle is the fundamental principle of our winemaking practice. All our Eliza Sparkling range is pressed using our classic French Champagne Coq press, the only one of its type and class in Australia. We use traditional pressing methods learnt in Champagne by the winemakers during there various vintages there and finished by the use of methode champenoise to age and complete the range, this is the individual secondary ferment in each bottle, turned by hand to remove the yeast prior to packaging, a laborious process but worthwhile to produce such a spectacular marque.

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